Land Engineering Inc. provides a wide range of site civil engineering services that cover many aspects of land development. From site evaluation and design through permits and construction, our team can deliver uncompromised results. We understand that successful site design includes all the technical requirements with a comprehensive skill set and knowledge of the specific project envisioned by our client. We can assist clients with several tasks including site planning and layout, stormwater management, erosion control, zoning, permitting and much more.

Mixed Use

One of our core competencies include high density mixed use development. Our experience with mixed use development projects has allowed us to experience many components associated with downtown urban environments. We understand that proper planning and design play a huge role in the vibrancy and success of downtown development and re-development.


One of our featured projects includes downtown Woodstock, GA. Mitch Paulk with Land Engineering has been the engineer of record for all major development in downtown Woodstock. In 2005, he was instrumental in the initial land acquisitions, planning and design, permitting and construction of the Hedgewood development that essentially re-created downtown Woodstock.

If you have any questions about our civil engineering services or if you have any questions specifically regarding high density mixed use development, contact us at 678-814-4346 today.